We are so excited to include our company portals for you to access previous pay stubs and your W2 when the time comes. We are looking to add direct deposit but we will need all of our teammates in this portal for this to be successful. Your schools have flyers to help you access or set up your portal.

To set up your Employee Self Service Portal you will follow the instructions to this link :


1st Blank : Company Number is 1178

Last/Business Name : This box is confusing but it is YOUR legal last name not business name. This last name that appears on your check.

Last 4 Social Security number : Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Zip Code : This will also match your zip code you have on the address on your check

Email : the email you provided in your New Hire Orientation

Username : You can create anything you can remember

Password : You can create anything you can remember

Best Practice is to email yourself the credentials you created back to yourself so you can access it later.

I hope this helps you log on to our portal.

The payroll company also has an app called MyWorx that you can log in at your convenience.

If you have any questions, please email HR@cpcinc.us

Have a blessed day!

Christian Preschool Centers HR Dept.